Rib Cookoff

Rib Cook Off

🔥 Calling all grillmasters and BBQ enthusiasts! Get ready to sizzle up some excitement at our epic Battle of the Dads Rib Cookoff, happening this Father’s Day on June 16th! 🍖 We’re firing up the grills and providing everything you need to show off your culinary prowess – from the grill and propane to all the essential grilling utensils. It’s time to bring your A-game and let those flavors shine! Think your ribs have what it takes to impress? Then mark your calendars and join us for the ultimate showdown. Our panel of judges will cast their taste bud votes at 2pm, so make sure your ribs are smokin’ hot and ready to steal the spotlight! Get ready to grill, thrill, and maybe even spill some secrets of your secret sauce. This isn’t just a cookoff; it’s a battle for BBQ supremacy! See you at the grill! 🏆🔥

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